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Author Topic:   wissota to amra HELP
posted November 18, 2000 08:31 PM
hey mark, just got my amra newsletter and the amra is going to hoosier's for the 2001 season. d40's, a40's and h40's. 15 X 8.
a few other rules I hear, rounded rear bumper, 1/8" sheet metal in the door.
if you are going to south buxton, jimmy dale I think runs a 4.88 or something like that. we ran a 5.43 and had no problems. last race we ran there we sucked though. what happened to you in september? I told everyone you were coming and you didn't show.

posted November 20, 2000 05:12 PM
What is amra???? Where do they run????
what class do they run????
and do they have a web site I could get contact information......We currently run wissota and are looking for some thing else.

posted November 21, 2000 10:42 AM
The AMRA Official Website is:
We run Ohio, West Virginia, and into Ontario Canada.

posted November 21, 2000 01:33 PM
mark, check pm

posted November 22, 2000 02:50 AM
We've been running AMRA for a few years now and we also run UMP and I doubt if the tires will warrant a gear change. AMRA is going to let us run the old tires on the front till May 22. This should be interesting because our track signed a 3 year deal with American Racer They helped our point fund alot this year.

posted November 22, 2000 11:42 AM
Also, another minor thing...AMRA does not require window nets, however the South Buxton track does require them.

posted November 22, 2000 04:19 PM
I just wanted to thank you for posting the web site for me..........jeff

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