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Author Topic:   LS1 rods comments
posted November 15, 2000 01:17 PM
Has anyone used LS1 6" rods in circle track
motors.Is the crank journal the same size as
pre 86 350,s Thanks for the comments

posted November 22, 2000 03:03 AM
I've ran many stock rods before and never had a problem I think the weak link on them are the bolts and if I remember right I think gm used 190,000 psi bolts the LS1 which is the same as most arp bolts. I had a brain fart twice with my stock rod/cast crank motor and forgot I was in second during the caution and when the green flag flew I was over 8200 rpm by the time I made it to the flagman and it stayed together. Must have been holy water in the radiator.

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