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Author Topic:   chevy trannies
posted November 13, 2000 07:56 PM
does anyone know if ford made an aluminum case transmission that can be fitted to a chevy? or anything else light and durable?

posted November 15, 2000 01:43 AM
Ford never built anything light and durable, but I guess no OEM folks did. Sounds like you are trying to save the money and not buy a muncie. You could spend alot more money adapting the ford to your chevy correctly, then to buy a good 2-speed muncie. Then you have one off parts that if something happens friday night, you can't just bolt in another and go back to racing.

The Jerico is basically a Ford transmission in an aluminum case but not legal for OEM rules. You will need to drill the bellhousing for the correct bolt pattern to swap a ford trans into a chevy, and may have to enlarge the center hole the input bearing retainer fits in. The factory built multiple bolt pattern bellhousings are heavier then the others, by 5-15 pounds ( so much for the weight saved on the trans).

Might be able to use your existing clutch as both the GM and the fords used a 10 spline, but the outside diameter is 1/16 of an inch different.

Seems to me some of the guys run a really long tailshaft ford truck transmission, but I gotta believe it is heavier but strong I guess.

Bottom line is the static weight of the trans at the mid point of the car has little effect on percentages, just on total weight.

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