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Author Topic:   3bar Question
posted November 12, 2000 01:12 AM
I'm putting a 3 bar under my car and was looking for some help . Do I use a clamp on bracket on both sides or just the left and float the right , or float both sides .

posted November 12, 2000 10:05 AM
use clamp on mounts, tack weld the cap and lower after they are positoned. use 20-22 inch long radius rods,(most common is 20.5) and use at least a 5 hole bracket on each side, you want to make sure you index the frame brackets so the holes are all in the same arc, so you dont have to adj the rod when changing holes. make sure you can get close to 20 degrees or more when in the top holes. the angles when mounting a link rearend are very important. mount the third link 10-15 inches up from axle center and 1-3 inches back from center. center with pinion center and make the brackets wide enough, around 6 inches wide so you can move it left to right. length, shorter reacts quicker, longer you can run more angle and not have much brake hop like the shorter one with lot of angle. mount the upper so you can get up to 20-25 degrees angle at the most but make so you can go up and take angle out of it.

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