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Author Topic:   Ford Power??
posted November 08, 2000 12:28 PM
OK... you guys are prolly gonna think I'm goofy here, but I'm just fishin for info.

A buddy of mine knows another guy who's been running mods for years, winning a few Nat'l championships around our area. I'm told that this guy is changing his motor program to run Fords. The rumor is that these motors he's turning to are built from 302 blocks, heavily stroked to cube in the mid-340s, and with a 5" rod. I don't know much more other than that they're being built by some guy in Arkansas who claims to produce upwards of 700 HP with them. I know..700 HP is a load of crap.. I'm just writing what I was told.
There has to be something to this, although I'm sure the HP figures are probably embellished a bit, but I'm told this veteran racer and one of his buddies have ordered two each of these motors.

If anyone has heard anything that sounds like any of this, please post... we can't let it stay a secret for too long..

If not.. I'll quit drooling and wake up.


posted November 08, 2000 01:50 PM
the combo for the stroker 302 is this:
3.400 stroke crank with 5.40 rods, either use the correct pistons from keith black or j@e.
best and most power from heads, when you have to run steel heads are the svo yates N heads. i would say realisticly the power is closer to 450-500 max without blower or nos.

posted November 08, 2000 01:52 PM
the cubic inch of this combo ends up around 347 depending upon bore size

posted November 08, 2000 03:42 PM
most people that i know that run fords switched because of weight...the 347's weigh bout 40lbs less than the typical sbc and if you spend enough money you can get comparable horsepower

posted November 08, 2000 08:19 PM
The fords are definitely a good choice. Watch out though! When Noble started running them last year and the first part of this year, the bottom of the block just fell apart after fifteen or so races. He has since switched to the svo block which is much better. 450-500 hp is about right, maybe even more with good heads.

posted November 09, 2000 04:48 PM
Hey Matt, who is this? Strand? Doar?

posted November 09, 2000 09:57 PM
Just switched to Ford this past year. I'm running a 347 with iron Dart heads, approx. 11:1 compression. I was totally surprised with the power this motor made [seat of the pants-no dyno numbers].

posted November 09, 2000 10:42 PM
anybody know how yhis combo would work with the roush racing plates for the exhaust? have a chance to purchase heads all setup wondering how they work?

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