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Author Topic:   Custom Software for everyone to get in on!
posted November 05, 2000 01:51 AM
Ok guys....I am going to do this for all our racers for Christmas.....If you have a formula that you would like to have set up in a program, PM me with it or post it here and I will build us a program that incorporates all of the actual formulas and wants that I receive into one program that everyone will be able to download off of our of charge....I will give you the shot to see a program that could be built for you. If you have a specific area, motor, chassis or otherwise input on this software, just PM, post or email me the formula and I will build it and we will give it out to everyone for Christmas. This will be my Christmas present to all of the racers out there that use the dirt forum. The more contributions, the more we can benefit. Lets make it something special.

Get to it!

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