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Author Topic:   Casting Numbers, head information for Small Block Chevy.
posted November 04, 2000 05:41 PM
We at HRS Applications have added new page that shows many of the casting numbers for blocks and heads when scavenging the salvage yards for engines to rebuild. I just wanted to let everyone know the

or you can go thru the front page of the HRS Applications site at and look for SBC Engine Info on the links on the left hand side. Hope this helps.


posted November 05, 2000 03:26 AM
a good casing number ( probably the best for gm heads) is a 292 ( digits in casting )
angle plug head found on 350 heads during
the 70's they have a large chamber but can be decked down and flow real nice and make alot of horse power real good for claimer motors if u can find em

posted November 20, 2000 09:49 PM
the 292 castings are great if you can find them they are the original pro stock and winston cup head used in the mid 70's Bill
Jenkins book on the small block addresses these heads in depth, 492 castings are also very good available in straight or angle plug

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