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Author Topic:   rumors????
posted October 17, 2000 12:00 AM
heard a rumor that imca was going to allow bert trans in 2001. this does not comply with their rules they have posted so does anybody know if this has any merit or is it just a rumor??? thanks john

p.s. the guy i heard this from has a "friend" trying to sell him his bert so i didn't put much faith in it!

posted November 15, 2000 01:57 AM
IMCA has posted their updated rules for the 2001 racing season on their website.

The only thing added to the manual transmission rule was I believe the word "directly" as in starter must "directly" engage flywheel, this makes the jack shaft bellhosing like a bert illegal, but it is aluminum so it never was legal in IMCA. Also the clutch in the bellhousing rule, and OEM case requirement are still in place, thus further eliminating the berts and brinns.

They dropped the "units built after a certain date" bit (the Ernie grand father rule I believe), but left the rest of the requirement for stock shifter locations, and further added a mandatory functional stock appeaaring front pump in an automatic. Believe this eliminates the old Ernie glides that were built in powerglide cases, that the date rule grand fathered prior to the lawsuit.

Rest is pretty basic, but they did up the engine claim to 525.

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