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Author Topic:   rear-end
posted September 27, 2000 08:46 PM
when installing a new or different rear end which way is best? centered? match left tires? match right? help please...

posted September 29, 2000 10:23 AM
I have always been told that as a rule of thumb, align the left side tires on a dirt car and align the right side tires on an asphalt car. I run a dirt modified in California, and have always aligned the left side tires. This has worked very well for me. Recently, I discovered the rear tail section had been bent over to the left (2-2.5 inches), and after re-aligning the rear end back where it was supposed to be, the car handled the way it should. It was extremely tight with the rear end way over to the left. I hope this helps. See what some of the others may say. I'm interested,too.


posted September 29, 2000 11:39 PM
I will have to agree that you should line up the left side tires. That is how we starte when we first go out each night to race and then we will us offsets to do some adjusting on the car.


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