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Author Topic:   Monoleaf/coil question?
posted September 24, 2000 08:36 PM
Has anyone ever tried floating the rear leafs to save them? Will this use the torque arm more effectively, by it not having to wrap the leafs under acceleration? What about floating just one leaf, leaving the other "clamped" to keep from having to install a panhard bar? We are going through leafs every 10 races, but the car works so good, maybe this will make it better? Thanks for any help recieved.


posted September 24, 2000 11:45 PM
I know of at least 2 guys who are floating leafs on thier cars. Not being a leaf guy myself I can't give you any particulars but I know that both were floating only one side, I think it was the left, and both running lift bar set-ups. Also, back when Wissota required rear ends in stock locations and mounts, I know of one guy who was really fast by floating one side without a lift bar. May not be much, but at least with this you know it can be done, and if nothing else it should fuel your curiosity.

Good luck,

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