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Author Topic:   Skating/2000 Harris
posted September 24, 2000 10:11 AM
Help! I have a 2000 Harris modified and I can't keep the car from going into a 4 wheel skate in the corners. The car won't stick. The spring rates are all to Harris specs...550, 650, 200, 200. It's running from 5 degrees to 8 degrees on the pan hard bar angle. I've run from 20lbs. to 70 lbs. of left rear. I've run 49 to over 51 on the cross. I've tried from 51 to 52 left side. I've run from 57% to 59% on the rear. Someone please help! I have to wait for the car to stop skating before I can get back on the throttle. The darn car just won't stick. Down here in the south we run some pretty tight bullrings, so this is a huge problem. Thanks in advance for any advice!

posted September 24, 2000 08:00 PM           
Try sticking a 30-35 pound chunk of lead on right rear.Everything else sounds good,and that is what I had to do on my 2000 Harris,made it much better.Let us know after you run again.

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posted September 24, 2000 09:27 PM
Originally posted by MOD#11:
Try sticking a 30-35 pound chunk of lead on right rear.

I'm running 25 lbs. on the left and 25 lbs. on the right. What do you think about softening the right front spring?

posted September 25, 2000 12:12 AM
My first impression, while never having seen a Harris car, is that 52% left side wieght seems a little low. I had the same kind of problems with my 4-bar car earlier this year, and after moving the fuel cell 10 inches to the left I went from 52% to 54.5% left side wieght and the car felt a hundred times better. I run about 58% rear, about 50% cross (50-70lb LR bite, depending on the offset), and a 29" panhard bar about 2" below axle center and only 1 inch higher at the left (chassis) end. Used to run the panhard about 3.5" higher at the left and gradually brought it down. Each time I dropped it I'd gain sidebite until it got where it is now. I've also seen a couple cars actually running thier bars lower at the left end.. personally, this just seems a little goofy so I've never tried it, but these guys were competitive with them that way.
Of course, I may be full of hot air when it comes to your car, but those things both helped mine a lot.

Good Luck,

posted September 25, 2000 12:12 PM           
Softening the right front will just let it roll onto that corner,probably making car worse.Your left is good for a Harris,if that is without driver.I would take the 25lbs. off of left rear and keep the one on right rear,that should help side bite quite a bit.That will also tell you if you are going in the right direction for your car and driving style.After that you could go to a 4" offset on right rear to gain some more.

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posted September 25, 2000 09:32 PM
The 4" on the right rear is one I had not thought about . It should really help the side bite.What offset are you running on the left rear.2" could help there.

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