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Author Topic:   Dry Slick- Leaf or Link?
posted September 19, 2000 09:56 AM
I race in Medford OR on a consistantly DRY SLICK track. I mean really dry slick! Currently, Dirtworks are dominating with a mono leaf and I run the same with a lift bar/5th spring. I won the championship this year but I am looking to make a change in chassis. I am here to research the Harris but am very leary on getting away from the mono...although I want to try something new. I want as much forward bite as possible. I can work through the handeling issues and inconsistant manners but I NEED forward bite. Any Suggestions???

Thanks for your input

posted September 19, 2000 10:14 AM
Well, I run a 4bar car, some nights it is right on, and others, we are way out there in left field. But I know guys who have the setup figured out and can't be beat on slick tracks. Not much help.

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