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Author Topic:   offsets for dryslick? Hi and Lo banked?
workin' it
posted September 12, 2000 03:26 PM
we usually run a 4 inch on the right rear, a 2 inch (usually with a one inch spacer) on the left rear, with the same on the left front, and a 3 inch on the right front

posted September 19, 2000 10:31 AM
I know this won't be a popular answer but here I go anyway.

I run a 5 off on the left and a 2 off on the right...

My thought is that I load my left tire and take weight off the right because on dry slick, you are going to slide the car no matter how much weight you put oin the right. Put all you weight on your right leg and have someone kick your leg out from under you. You will fall. Now, put most of your weight on the left leg, kick your right leg out and you are still standing. My tire temps are within 10 degrees of each other and I won the championship on an extremely dry track. I look forward to the response from readers...

posted September 19, 2000 04:02 PM           
Wauge28,do you run 5" on both rights,and2" on both lefts?To do that you would have to run a crazy set-up as far as percentages wouldn't you?

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posted September 19, 2000 04:23 PM
Yes, I run a 4 off on the left front and a 2 off on the right (same idea). I run 50% cross, 57% rear and the biggy, about 53 to 54% left side. Again, our track is very dry and with my theory, I drive it like a pavement car. I run mono leafs with no panard or "J" bar so the car is really forgiving. I replace the leafs about every four races but the handeling is worth it. i also just switched to a lift bar which made me a bit tighter and required me to drop my cross. I was running 52 to 53% cross with a pull bar. Really, with the 2 off on the front right, it evens out my numbers with the 5 of on the left rear.

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