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Author Topic:   Car skating on dry slick
posted September 10, 2000 08:34 PM
Have a car that does not wanna stay on the bottom when its dry slick(harris) runnng 52% left 50.5% diagonal 57.2% rear Shocks lf 76 rf 76-4 lr 93-5 rr 93 Have left control arm all the way up and right controll arm all the way down both springs in front off the rear end...also any suggestions on how to get more roll in the car ...only have a few races left and ordering new car but just wanna see if this one will work...95 chassis had lift bar but put in torgue link..its a rocket when its tacky car weighs 2500#

posted September 10, 2000 11:32 PM
what spring is in the torque link? is it to the left or to the right? what are your rear spring rates? need more info everything you can give relating to setup. wheel offsets tire stagger, etc

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