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Author Topic:   Dry slick help
posted September 10, 2000 02:57 PM
the track i race at is heavy 99% of the time
but lastnight they threw us a curve extreemly dry slick car was really loose what is a good dry slick setup for a harris with 2 bar and torque arm i got freight trained streight to the backhad to battle the car to keep it streight

posted September 10, 2000 07:04 PM           
What percentages do you run?How much left rear bite do you run?Where are your springs and trailng arms located?That will tell us quite a bit,and then you will get some replies.

posted September 18, 2000 10:56 PM
we have a swing arm car, andwhen the track gets really dry slick we put a one inch spacer on the left rear, top off the fuel , and lower the right trailing arm

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