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posted August 30, 2000 12:17 AM
here what do u guys think of this
saturday night i raced i made it into the
maievent through the heat race ( a little battered but in ok condition)
my track has a mud plug rule mud plugs or wheel covers must be on the right front and right rear but that rule hasnt been really enforced it has been that is it is damaged and u cant fix it its ok to run so i pull to staging we pull offon the trackand go one lap under caution b4 taking the green and they throw me a black flag for no right front wheel cover because a guy who didnt even make it through the b main cried to an offical about my lack of functinol mud plugs so he can make in in the main under an alternate spot am i wrong to think i was screwed or was it a good call ( keep in mind if u were to go some nights when some one dosnt whine theyll be atleast 2-3 cars without in the main )
or is it just a stupid rule

posted August 30, 2000 02:03 AM
no he wasnt a favorite he was a guy who hadnt run all year

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