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Author Topic:   Brake floater-left rear only
posted August 23, 2000 04:48 PM           
I was wondering if I put a brake floater only on the left side what the results would be?Right now I am running with both locked.It is a two-link with a spring style pull rod.I do not have room to put on right rear.

posted August 28, 2000 04:36 PM           
opinions please.

posted August 28, 2000 07:02 PM
This would probably work depending on what you want the car to do when you apply the brakes. If you run it uphill it will drive that tire in the ground harder but if you run it down hill it will actually unload that tire when the brakes are applied which would probably be the best setup. With it like that it will unload the LR which will probably plant the RR harder which is good for the slick tracks.

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