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Author Topic:   Any ELLIS ch***is owners here?
posted August 22, 2000 01:20 AM
I am replacing my old ellis ch***is with a new y2k ellis and was would like to hear from anyone that has been running one this year and what has been working or not working for them.

posted August 22, 2000 07:32 AM
Roger Miller from Rowsburg, Ohio has a new one, Asphault though. He has the car dialed in, if you want to talk to him, I can give you his number.

posted August 22, 2000 08:14 AM           
how come when a word has the letters a,s,s in it you leave the letters out?

Hammer 1
posted August 22, 2000 10:01 PM
Mine is a 99, not a Y2K. We bought two cars after the 98 season. At the time the only thing he offered was a monoleaf/coil car. I have kept mine on the mono/coil setup with a lot of success. My buddy didn't like the way Ellis had the springs set up and cut his apart and replaced it with a half leaf spring and coils and while he hasn't run as much as I have this season he did win both Friday and Saturday nite last week. While the leaf cars are a whole lot more work to maintain each week than a bar car, my leaf car is always consistant, while the bar car guys are either fast or out in wally world.

posted August 23, 2000 01:42 AM
I don't know why the hell my puter does * that. Thanks X13 for the offer but I'm building a dirt car, but I am thinking of playing on asphalt with my old '95 Ellis next year. I know a few guys that run the 99 style chassis, but there are a few little differences on the new one, but I haven't heard any news about anyone that has one or how they've done with them this year. It's time to start throwing parts at it and was looking for some pointers on what did or didn't work.

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