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Author Topic:   Panhard bar..
posted August 16, 2000 08:11 AM
My panhard bar is 29" long, and is an inch and a half higher at the chassis mount on the left side of the car. Most of the cars that I've looked at at my track are running thier bars very close to level, and I'm going to move mine down this weekend to make it only about a half inch higher at the chassis. Can anyone give me some idea of what sort of change this will bring to a car w/ a 4-bar and a lift bar? Right now I'm at 58% rear, 55% left and 50% cross w/ about 70# LR bite. I've gotten so many different answers from so many different people regarding panhard hieght that the only thing I can come up with is that everyone runs a little different angle and changes are all dependent on what angle you start with. In other words, I'm thinking that dropping the bar from 7 degrees to 4 degrees will have a very different effect than dropping it from 4 degrees to 1 degree. A 3 degree change in both cases, but with very different outcomes. This panhard business is probably the hardest thing on my car to get my head around, so any real help here would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys,

posted August 16, 2000 05:51 PM
I run my PH bar level on both sides (with driver in car), Right side heim in center of axle tube. The higher the PH bar the higher the rear roll center and thus less roll of th e rear (weight transfer). The lower the PH bar the more roll and more weight transfer. As for angle of the bar, if the lh is higher than rh, then on initial roll the rr gets stuck harder (kinda like a pole vaulter) I know I ain't the greatest story teller so if you have time go to AFCO's website and look a t their tech article on panhard bars. Hope this helps.

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