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Author Topic:   swing arm madness
posted August 14, 2000 11:05 PM
does anyone know how to make a swing arm car consistant? one week i'm right on and the next week i'm in the way running for last.

posted August 15, 2000 09:03 AM
just pick any of the above. loose in then push off. tight in then loose off.

posted August 18, 2000 10:15 PM
how do you keep from frying the rr tire? do you mean to run the panhard bar a lot of angle in it? this is an impala type front end.

posted August 20, 2000 04:06 PM
fib-big why so heavy spring rate front and rear. we run lf650 rf750 lr225 rr200. we get 2 to 3 inches of shock travel on right rear with these springs and good forward and side bite. Willing to try something new but afraid to try higher rate springs as think ch***is would be so stiff it wouldn't work with the track and would skate up the track with no side bite. how do you get side bite with those high of spring rates??

posted August 20, 2000 10:51 PM
hey guys it's a swingarm! the energy ratio on a swingarm (actual spring leverage) is around 70% AND SOME ARE MUCH LOWER! this means that you need a spring with around 30% more rate to get the same weight energy as if the spring was on top of the axle. i have seen swingarm cars straight from Donnie Adams place(lightning ch***is) with 350rr and a 425lr.
the front spring rates are for an intermediate metric, these rates are extremely average! some guys use 850lf and a
900rf. i will guarentee you if your car turns good with a higher rate , it will usually have more forward bite off! read what i said about the panhard bar, 2" difference. BY THE WAY THESE SET-UP'S ARE FOR A 2400# CAR(W/DRIVER AND 18GAL.OF FUEL)AND WITH 58%REAR.


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