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Author Topic:   4 bar questions
posted August 06, 2000 09:45 PM
Primarily, when you lock the cage, the bottom link will tend to push and the top to pull, this will make the car roll up over the rear a little more......Personally, I have not run this setup, so I cant give you any weights. Hope this helped a little anyway.

posted August 07, 2000 09:58 PM           
Originally posted by Bigdog:
We want to try to pin the left rear birdcage on our four bar car but have a couple questions. The reason we want to try it is because it looks like the cars that do it get an extreme amount of bite at least enough that it carries the LF wheel in the air. It is DW 8 so do we need to lift both four link bars up on the left rear or what? What kind of angles are we trying to achieve? We just want to try it if it does not work we can always undo it. Also we are running 130 pounds of left rear bite do we need to increase it or decrease it and to what? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

BIG DOG i have worked on a 4 bar car for two years other types before . but if you want to carry your lf tire try this spring set up 950rf 900lf 175 both rears also lr spring should be mounted on the back side of the bird cage shock on front . put on a short straight panhard bar to the left of pinion ? are you running pull or lift will only need 60.lbs.of bite+ - this will work for a track 3/8 to 1/2 mile with med to high banking if you are running a small track or a flat track. you could soften the front springs a bit 100/200 lbs. but keep the spilt. your left side % may be down some 52-53 % and your wedge will come in around 51% your car/ track may need a few changes but this will pull the lf on a dry high speed , banked, 4/10 mile track 6" 12" both top bars one hole from top but you need to study your 4 bar get a tape measure a couple of jacks and some jack stands, disconnect your springs and crawl under for 3or 4 hours check your roll steer at ride ht. and at where it would be in a turn. also your bird cage indexing and always remember if you change ride ht. you change spring indexing and bar angles

posted August 07, 2000 10:42 PM
When you clamp the LR you don't want to clamp the entire birdcage. You want to leave the bars floated and clamp the spring.

We haven't had a chance to try it yet, but this is how it was explained to me from GRT.

posted August 16, 2000 02:24 AM
Exactly right....I've even clamped our z-link and left the bars working with decent success on dry slick / grainy track surfaces.


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