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Author Topic:   Alchohol Carb Float Level??
posted August 02, 2000 02:07 PM
Been jetting 750 Braswell alcohol carb up to try to cure overheating problem. Jets are now .160 braswell jets. Headgaskets and heads are ok. I have installed new radiator but it still gets hot. Have been talking to Brian over at Braswell (very helpful) he finnally asked what my float level was set at. He told me to set it you take the bowl off, turn it upside down, and measure from bottom of float to inside of bowl. That distance should measure 900 thousanths. I run a block mount holley pump with fuel log and return line. Run 6.5-8psi all time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know nothing bout carbs.

posted August 02, 2000 06:52 PM
Running 406 with restrictor. Been told you can run fat and get hot. I called every carb company in circle track mag and everyone said I would have to be dumping alcohol out the pipes to be hot like that. I run the exact same set up as 3/4 of the people in Texas. I run a five blade fan 1 inch from radiator. What about water pumps? Water seems to be churning in radiator. I even tried water weter.

posted August 04, 2000 12:35 AM
Was the rad. brand new or used and new to your car? I have seen alum. rads. swell the tubes if they have been to hot cuts down on air flow.
Has the engine ever been bored out any because with a 400 the more they are bored the thinner the cyl. walls get and they do not have water jackets between cyls. which can make it run hot.
Make sure the impeller is on the water pump good and not loose or rusty.
How hot is it getting? You should be able to lower the water level enough to see the tubes inside with the engine running the water should run out of the tubes in relation to the rpms up to a point.
Did the head gaskets and heads have the steam holes like the block some people say if the holes are not there then it will overheat others say only at idle.
get back to me and i'll keep thinking about it

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