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Author Topic:   Gearing help
posted July 31, 2000 05:55 PM
Need some help with gear selection.
We race mainly on a 1/4 mile bullring.
Portland Speedway is converting over to dirt this year and we have a show in Sept. But I am taking a wild guess on what gears to run.

We run on the A40 Hoosiers, with a little 358. Right now I'm running a 5.83 on the 1/4.

not sure if we are going to be able to run the Hoosier or if we'll have to use the American Racers.

Can't tell you exactly how many rpm's I'm turning now because we don't run a tach.

Thanks in advance.

posted July 31, 2000 08:44 PM
Thanks Chassis.. but I guess I forgot to mention one thing.. The new Portland track is going to be a 1/2 mile..

I am guessing we'll need about a 4.86.. am I anywhere close?

posted July 31, 2000 08:24 PM
On a 1/2 mile track we run a 486 gear with a 406. I think I would start out with a 529 gear. Some guys we know run this on a 1/2 mile with a 358. This is on tracks in TN, KY, S.C. and N.C.

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