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Author Topic:   Shocks
posted July 20, 2000 02:00 PM
Hello all,

I was just wondering if Jammin on anyone out there could tell me the pros and cons of both a 90/10 shock on the rear end and a "tie down" or 93/5 shock on the LR.

Drivers have told me to beware of the 90/10 anymore because it makes the car very loose in and they use a 1273-5 (I think off the top of my head) shock on the rear. Are those shocks the same or slightly different?

Others have told me the 93/5 makes the car push in or skate up the track.

What do you guys think?

posted July 20, 2000 02:36 PM
The 90/10 over the rear just basically servers the purpose of letting the rear end rotate freely under acceleration and come down slower so as not to slam the rear end back into place once the compression of the 5th coil is present. This basically is a controller. As far as it making you loose going into the turns, that sounds like the static weight of the car would need to be changed. I have never had a problem with them. There are WAY too many people out there that are running them. As far as the 93/5, I personally run this shock in the feature on a dry slick track, it works. It is basically a hold down shock that is a little stiffer on extension which tries to keep the car from rolling quite as much. This keeps the weight back down on the left rear so it is already there when your coming off the turns, it doesnt have to travel all the way back down if it is already there. This shock will not cause skating. Weight distribution/roll steer will cause skating. Most of the time, a shock will be a fine tuning device to use once you have gotten your setup relatively close. It is a way to get a little more speed out of your car. But, if you have some pushing problems, or other things it is doing, a shock can contribute to it, but generally wont be the main cause of the situation.

I hope this helps.


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