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Author Topic:   More tire questions...
posted July 18, 2000 10:49 AM
We run a UMP modified and are getting a new car so we want to keep better tires on it. We must run Hoosiers.

How long do _you_ generally use your tires? And how long do you think they should/could be used?

What are your minimum "quality" requirements for each position on the car.

What is the best way to check depth? Where and how do you position the depth gauge?

What is the proper way to check tire hardness; how should the gauge be used? (Is it called a dyrometer?) It seems that how it is held and how hard it is pressed makes a difference in the readings. What's the best method to ensure consistency?

When is a tire too hard?
Also, what if you have a D tire that is harder than an A. Is the hard D just as good as an A (in a situation where an A would be used) or is it ruined?

How much feathering is okay?

If it makes a difference, we run a semi-banked clay oval, 3/8 mile, that is tacky early and dry slick later on.


posted July 20, 2000 10:03 AM
I understand that the simple answer is to keep the best tires on that you can afford... However, where are your limits?

If a new tire has a depth of 9, do _you_ throw it away at 7, 6 1/2? Or after one race if it's a RR?

I read the article on LongAcreRacing, but I'm looking for any other input.

posted July 20, 2000 06:30 PM
As far as using the D or the A, I beleive the A-40 is the only legal UMP tire. Also don't use the D if the track gets dry, I burned a brand new right rear in about 15 laps unfortunately the race was 25 laps.

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