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Author Topic:   Trailing Arm Angles????
posted July 13, 2000 01:26 PM
What is a good starting point in regard to trailing arm angles??? I am running 5.5 degrees uphill on the left trailing arm and 3.5 degrees uphill on the right. The car seems to enter the corner o.k., but has a push just after it starts to turn in. I am figuring that the push begins as the throttle is beginning to be applied. I thought that the angle on the left trailing arm might be too much inducing the push. I'm also curious as to ways that I can induce rear steer to help loosen the car on entry and tighten on exit. I am running a long torque arm with the two link rear with the brakes not floated. Any suggestions or past experiences would be appreciated.

posted July 13, 2000 03:17 PM
If you want to loosen it on entry and tighten it on exit, add some crosswieght. If, after that, it wants to push in the middle of the turn, stiffen the RR spring 25 lbs or so. I ran the 3 link for a couple years and I liked the consistency of it, but it doesn't really lend itself to a lot of rear steer. If you want to get a little more, though, raise the angles of both sides to around 6 to 8 degrees.

Hope it helps..

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