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Author Topic:   What type of pyrometer is best?
posted July 13, 2000 01:02 PM
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Infra-red, or contact? Why?
We're running a UMP modified and need to buy one. Any recommendations?

posted July 13, 2000 06:23 PM
Okay, now I'm confused... over on the 4M, the two responses I got were for probe. One even pointed out an article on that tells me "why" the probe is better.

However, local racers around here seem to be for infrared - for speed like you said.

If I get the probe, they say to make sure to leave the probe on the tire as I work my way across the tire so that it doesn't take as long for each temp.

Also... in what order should I take the temps? Which tire first? Start inside, or outside?

Thanks for the help!

posted July 14, 2000 06:19 PM
Steph, just make sure that whatever you do, do it consistently....This way, if there is any cooldown by the time you get to a certain tire, it will be consistent from from one set of readings to the next. Read the inside, middle, outside (in no certain order, but do it the same on every tire). When you do, on the rear temps, if the middle temp is cooler than the outsides, this means you need more air in that tire to get the full contact patch on the ground. If the middle is hotter, then just the opposite....You will notice a difference in the temps from the inside and outside temps....This will be from tire rollover......The ideal situation would be to have the temps the same all the way accross each tire even....Not quite possible with the low tire temps that dirt cars run, but that would be the ideal situation. On the front, read the same, it will tell you if your camber settings are off along with your air pressure. The whole idea behind getting the front tire patch as flat as possible on the track is to gain steerability. If you can gain steerability, you can tighten the car up more and it will not push. This means you will go faster. I dont mean to sound too basic, but I thought you might be able to use some of this info. The whole senario is to get your tire patch as flat as possible on the track....If you can do this, you can do other things to the car and make it faster. Hope this helps.

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posted July 14, 2000 09:14 PM
Originally posted by jammin:
I dont mean to sound too basic, but I thought you might be able to use some of this info.

Oh, for sure! Thanks Jammin.
I'm the same "Steph" that was e-mailing you last week, so this stuff isn't too basic for me! We'll be picking up our new DirtWorks next Sunday, practicing later that week with our first race on July 29. Still running the old car this week, but will be taking next week off to prepare.

Still not sure about which type of pyrometer to get... seems it's more of a personal preference thing. The probe type I'm looking at would be quite the toy. Has memory to store all 12 temps, built in stop watch, and can be downloaded into a PC... that to me would be worth it!

Thanks for all the help everyone!

posted July 15, 2000 06:08 AM
Be nice to have both but if you can only afford one get the lazer for versitility

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