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Author Topic:   Cross Weight/ Rear Main/Fuel Pump
posted July 05, 2000 01:40 PM
I have always had great feedback from you, lets see if you can help.

1/4 mile asphalt

Had some problems these past 2 weeks. First the 350 we have been running spun 2 berrings (running 1st in points and then lost it that night, 2nd in points now and that was our 1st DNF). We have been in the process of building a 400, so that got our butts in gear. Everything was going fine, until... there was a slight rear main leak(smaller than a dime)only after the motor warmed up. We tried everything (changed the rear main seal 4 times in 3 days) the first 2 were stock seals, the third was a racing seal, and the fourth time we used the racing seal with some cardboard in the grove to help it seal better to the crank. IT STILL LEAKED!!!

We decided to leave it alone, and work on the set up. (the new motor was lighter by 44lbs.) I left the front sway bar connected, and put it on the scales. The Left and Rear were okay, but the Cross was 52% ( we usually run 55.5%). When I dropped the sway bar it didn't change anything. Then I have a formula that I use (it worked before)for adding or removing cross without changing the ride height. 2 turns on everything later the cross still didn't move (still 52%). I was not going to mess with it anymore, so I connected the sway bar back up and adjusted it by feel. Has anyone ever had this problem before? Do you think it is the scales? The car worked prefectly, a little loose in the mid-day, and on rails by nightfall!!!

Back to the oil problem, Practice #1 the rear leak stopped!! Now we are blowing oil from the front of the motor (BAD). the car was smoking!! We changed the front seal at the track and Qualified like that. (Still blowing oil EVERYWHERE). Finally, 10 min. before the race started (we started on the pole)we found the front leak. It seems that the fuel pump we were using had 2 vent holes in it, when the car went into the turn the oil vented out of the holes. Anyone heard of that before? Holly Alch. Fuel Pump. That makes 4 fuel pumps in 11 races.

At this point, I am just scratching my head, and I feel as if we are holding on by the hair on our teeth.
Any help would be appreciated.

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