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Author Topic:   Bite off corner
Dan 21
posted July 03, 2000 11:48 PM

When you set your car up allways set it total at least for the first time . Driver, and all fluids.Set ride heights caster,camber,toe and air. Line front and rear wheels, set stagger front and rear.If it takes 1 inch on front and 3 inches on rear for your track use this or what ever you think will work best.Scale car 55%-56% left side, 57-58 % rear. Set cross weight to match left side weight.Whatever your car weighs take 50% of totaland subtract this from your c.w. and this will be your wedge weight or bite.When you use left rear weight over right rear weight all that tells is how much more left wighs. Some people will add Lf.and Rr. then subtract this from Lr.-Rf.weight.When you have 50% really do not have wedge weight. What you have is lr. over rr.With 50% cw. and stagger the rr. pulls car sideways off corner.As you keep putting weight on lr. then it starts to drive car off.AS you add weighr to gain bite ,and the more you go over 50% the more bite.When you add lr.spring you add bite. If you run 1000# on lf.and 1200# spring on rf.then swap them accross you will get tighter off.All make lr. bite and stagger work togethe.What ever it takes to make you fast. Dr21

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