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Author Topic:   Lower A-Arm and balljoint
posted June 26, 2000 05:01 PM
I have a 68-72 chevelle front clip and I am running #2 spindles with large rotors and calipers. I was wondering if anyone knew if one of the aftermarket companies made a screw in lower ball joint that would replace the Moog K6145 that I now am using. Since the balljoint doesn't match the lower, it is quite an ordeal to replace ball joints. I was hoping to get away with a direct replacement without having to ream any spindles.

posted June 26, 2000 08:12 PM
Chad you need to e-mail AFCO they will probably help you with your problem as they have thread in adapters and ball joints.

posted July 02, 2000 06:52 AM
ok do u have they big 5 type bolt pattern if u do what u are sayin is that u have the large type chevy ball joint right well if this is true i have the answer go the the salvage yard get a 79 to 83 buick limited spindle set up or pontiac parisenne sw they have the smaller hole but the big rotor and studs they will bolt right up

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