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Author Topic:   heat in tires
posted June 14, 2000 10:56 AM
Any time a tire is hot, this means that the heat is caused by friction. Put your weight to the cold tire. The happy medium that you are looking for resides when the tires are basically the same temperature. That is why a good pyrometer is so important. But, the lower temps in the rear tires mean that your hooking up and not spinning, so try for lower temps, but the temperature needs to be close between the RR and LR in order to tell this, if there is too much split, then there is not enough weight on one or the other wheels. Sorry guys, I was asleep when I made this earlier post. Fast is correct.

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posted June 14, 2000 05:28 PM
Put the weight on the colder tire. More weight equals more friction. more friction equals more heat.

josh K.

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