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Author Topic:   Circle Track...bad Circle Track...
posted May 13, 2000 05:36 PM
This one's good for a laugh..
The latest issue of Circle Track magazine's got a fairly in depth article on some guy's home-built mod from somewhere in Ohio. It's a really neat article and I gotta applaud the guy's efforts, designing and building the whole car himself and running well with it. The problem is the writer really dropped the ball, as did the photographer, the editors, and everyone else involved in the printing of this story.

About halfway through the story, after describing some pretty nifty engineering tricks regarding chassis design and front end stuff, they get to describing the rear suspension. This is where it gets a little goofy.
The description is as follows: "Single leaf springs on the bottom act as lower control arms while single tubular control arms on Hiem-type joints mounted toward the rear of the car ensure the proper geometry of the rear's movement." It goes on into some more glamorized techno-babble (think HotRod magazine and some Candy-Red Camaro with a big fat blower towering out of it) about spring shackles and coils above the axle tube and how all this is built to handle the rigors of dirt racing. On the next page you see a picture of the rear end which clearly shows a mono-leaf clamped to the axle tube with a screw jacked coil over the top of it. Seems simple enough until you see what they were describing as "a single tubular control arm" which is actually the radius rod that keeps the floating brake bracket from spinning around the axle tube, having nothing at all to do with the actual suspension itself. I'm pretty sure that the "proper geometry of the rear's movement" is ensured by that pair of big clamps holding it to the leaf spring.
Seems to me that at least someone in the editorial department of a magazine that's supposed to be the leading authority on racing technology would have caught that one and run with it, considering how much floated brakes are bringing to the tunability of modified rear suspensions today.
I E-mailed them a letter right away, and I think everyone else ought to as well or there's no telling how many fresh, young racing learning curves are going to be flattened by this glaring lapse in editorial responsibility.


posted May 13, 2000 05:44 PM
Circle Track Magazine is a great magazine, but on occasions, I have seen other instances where the article was completely blundered and was not exactly what they were trying to expose. We all have to understand, that we must wade through the swamp to find the truth, but at the same time, if you advertise a racing tech magazine, the people should know what they are talking about that write the articles for it.

posted May 14, 2000 03:53 AM
Here's some good news, the old Stock Car Racing group is back. **** Berrgren has his new magazine out with his old crew and it's called Speedway Illustrated. I recieved thier first issue 2 weeks ago and it is much better than before. The articles aren't bought and paid for by the advertisers which seems to be very common these days.

posted May 14, 2000 12:31 PM
Is Speedway illustrated a subscription only magazine or can it be found on a shelf somewhere? Can you post an e-mail address so we can get subscription info?

posted May 15, 2000 08:23 AM
Yes, you can buy it off the shelf. Check out their Website for a list of stores that carry it in your region.

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