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Author Topic:   6th Coil help
posted May 07, 2000 03:56 AM
Can anyone help me with a few questions on a 6th coil mounted on the end of a torque arm?

What kind of preload do I set the spring at?
What sort of travel do I expect (downward)?


posted May 07, 2000 11:43 AM
Scott, the 6th coil is basically a buffer to keep you from ripping the torque arm off when you slam on the brakes. You want a spring that is soft enough to allow it to be spongy to the torque arm's needs. If you put too hard of a spring on it, it will act like its trying to bottom out or something. The preload on the spring should just be so that it won't move or move around on the perch when it's in its lower position. It will not help your suspension bite better or anything, just a safety deal. The travel that your going to see depends solely on how hard you hit the brakes. I hope this helps.

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