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Author Topic:   Can't Turn going into corner.
posted May 01, 2000 08:27 PM
I think you answered your own question when you said you haven't scaled it yet, you probably have too much crossweight, you may also have too much rear weight now too, if you don't have enough weight on the front tires they wont turn. I doubt if three inches would do that though. Get it on the scales and let us know what they say.

posted May 02, 2000 09:22 PM
Regarding the comment about the DIRT mods having stiffer springs in the rear, I'm pretty sure that would most be attributed to the fact that they run a straight axle front end, as opposed to the independent front suspension of an IMCA or similar modified. If you take the front end goemetry of these cars into account I think the actual spring rate at the wheel of most of these modifieds would be a lot closer to equal than a lot of us think, or even greater at the rear like the DIRT cars, due again to the higher wieght percentage there.

Just trying to help,

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