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Author Topic:   Does anyone run a 302 ford???
posted May 01, 2000 10:11 AM
I'm racing b-mod this year. I have a 302 ford w/ a c-4 automatic tranny. It has a hydraulic cam that will reach peak at 7000. I am going to run at a moderate banked clay track 1/4 mile in length with McReary tires. If anyone out there runs with this combination or similar, how does the 302 run? I also wonder if I should run a 6.50 or 6.33 gear. I'm afraid the 6.50 will rev it too high past peak. Any info is greatly apreciated.

posted May 01, 2000 01:44 PM
Te 302's run good if cammed right,but they lack top end power. for 1/4 mile I run 6.20 gear,

posted May 01, 2000 08:14 PM
Thanks for replying. I'm running b-mod, so I can't use the stroker kit. That is also why I have a hydraulic cam and an automatic. How many rpm's does it run with a 6.20? Thanks.

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