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Author Topic:   Loose Going IN
posted April 10, 2000 03:11 PM
can somebody help me everytime i go into the turn the ass end of my modified want to come around i tryed putting more stagger on and moved the panhard up but nothing seems to work. thanks

3x Racing
posted April 10, 2000 04:20 PM
tell us alittle more about your set-up.
how does it scale, what springs and shocks are on it etc....
by the way, more stagger will loosen it up even more, not help a loose condition.

posted April 11, 2000 04:25 AM
The weights that i used when scaleing where
left side 53%
rear weight 53%
cross weight was 52.4 %

shocks are
both rear are 95s

springs are
running 3in back space on all four wheels
and the panhard bar is in the second notch down off the bracket on the rear end

posted April 11, 2000 08:28 AM
You just need more rear percentage, add some weight over the rear end and see if it doesn't help. Your percentages are not that far off.

3x Racing
posted April 11, 2000 11:40 AM
Personnally, I would try this...
lower your lf shock to a 75.
raise rear % to 56 - 57%.
go to a 94 rr shock.
and raise your front springs 100 lbs. each.
What type of track and front stub (standard/metric)?
jammin's right but i think you'll need a few more adjustments.

posted April 12, 2000 05:49 AM
the track is a 1/3 mile semi banked d shaped oval 1&2 is a semi tight turn and 3&4 or more of a true oval if you know what i mean.
the front stub of my car is a chevelle standard.The car is a four bar i think it has two trailing arms if that means anything to ya. Im running a 355 with 6.20 gears.
thanks for all the help so far. i really need it. this stuff is confusing.

posted April 12, 2000 09:02 AM
For shocks, I would go ever lighter than that 3. I would go down to 93's on both rears. If you want to keep more LR in the car for the feature, you can change it to a split valve 5/3 that will hold down the car a little more throughout the turns.

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