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Author Topic:   American Racer versus Hoosiers
posted March 18, 2000 10:07 AM
Anyone have preferences?

posted March 22, 2000 10:39 PM
Hoosier tire is very fast, Has a very short life and will tax your drive train. American racer is a hockey puck. Lasts a long time, Is $25 a piece cheaper, and still allows you to be competitive with a claimer motor, They are much harder to hook up, but thats the beauty of running them. AMERICAN RACER gets my vote of choice. I only wish everybody would.

posted March 23, 2000 06:33 PM
I agree with Roostertail, it's easier for the low budget guys like myself to compete with the harder tire. Also I have 4 American Racers on my car with deep gashes and I'm not afraid to race on then cause they are so thick. They are not good race tires but easy on the wallet.

posted March 23, 2000 09:48 PM
I have to agree I won a lot of races on those tire and spent a lot less to do it.
I wish we never went to the soft tires but
1 thing it has done is stopped some of the restarts because of undo spins mods around here were gettin a bad name for not being able to make a lap without a restart.I think
thats 1 reason the promoters went to the hoosiers.

posted March 24, 2000 09:01 AM
One track we visited, allows a quick, two lap hot lap (brake adjustment) session before every race. They say it is time well spent because everyone is set for the start, it cut done on restarts and sped the program up. I really liked the Idea but most tracks I've talked to don't quite understand. STILL LIKE THE AMERICAN RACER BEST. Our local track is testing the Hoosier a-40 right now, and say it will be the track tire. but everyone else for hundreds of miles in any direction is on the Am. Racer. Drivers want the Am. Racer but the track won't listen. Just doesn't make sense. Later...

posted April 13, 2000 02:34 PM
Lakeside here in Kansas City was planning to run the Hoosiers as a track/spec tire but also allow the IMCA tires for this season only.

After a few test sessions (on a D-40 compound), the really sticky Hoosiers were bullet fast for about 8 laps, until they were completely used up. They tried 3 nights and got basically the same results, no tread left after 8 fast laps.

Wichita (KS) and Sedalia (MO) are planning to use Hoosiers, so consider them the great equalizer, or one heck of a dangerous deal about the midway point of the race. Those tracks may not be as abrasive as the new Lakeside, but only time will tell.

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