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Author Topic:   BRAKE-GUARD
posted February 28, 2000 08:17 PM
I'm new to this board but have learned alot (and tryed to help alot on other boards.)
I noticed on here same as most tech boards
that every one is looking for the most for there buck.
I've sold race cars for over 20 years and I know how racers like all the wistels and bells stuff (I've never been much for that junk myself) BUT now if you can show me how
putting something new on my car(other than tires *S*)is going to make enuff of a change
that it will make or save me money then I'm
all for that.
Recently just a few days before we left for fla. for speedweeks I got a call from Mike Stout about testing a brake system on our mod in Fla.
I liked what I heard and said I would like to try 1.Mike personaly drove 4 or 5 hrs
to my shop and installed it the next day.
Something that he didn't have to do becuse
after seeing how it was done (it only took about 15 min. )we could have saved him the drive and done it ourselves.
Anyway lets cut to the chase.
Mike told me that this system would keep me
from spining the car in a panick type
situation.I liked the sound of that and knew
that we would be racing with alot of drivers
that we were not familiar with in fla. Alot
can happen in a hurry on a fast 1/2 mile track.
At least 3 times I locked down on the brakes
hard because cars in front were crashing and
when I did the cars just in front of me were spinning out of control and ended up in the middel of it,But when I hit the brakes to lock them up the car didn't go into a spin
instead it slowed faster than I was used to and went exactly where I had the wheels pionted.
Man was I impressed with this deal.I,m not sure yet as to the performance advantages
I wish for Mike I could say I was but we were fighting a tight car all week and I had to hustle the car loose most of the time.
I can say that the last nite in our big show we started 10th and ended up 4th with the cars in front of us all starting 1 2 and 3.
When I did make laps where I didn't have to shake the car loose it was at least as good of a feel under brakeing as I had befor installing it.
No one has payed me to say any of this and anyone that knows me knows that if I don't think something is worth a cr** I'll tell them to save your hard eraned bucks.
I just wish that all of the cars we race with had this on them I think it will stop alot of spins and save everyone a bunch of
money in repairs(exp.the newer inexperienced
I hope you guys don't take this as just another sales pitch,this deal realy does work
and I'd like to thank Mike for his help and
for turning us on to such a great product.
If anyone wants to know more about it call mike at 660-277-3132 or email me and we can talk more about it (no Im not a dealer and not going to try to sell you 1 *S*)
THANX and good luck this year to all you mod racers.

posted February 28, 2000 11:19 PM
I dont know if you know it or not, but mike's product is only a click away. He and The "DIRT" are working together on a the track locator that he has provided for all of us to use. Look under the Harris Logo and you will find it. Just a note.

posted March 01, 2000 08:46 PM
I have to agree with Scooter M40, I also run Brake Guard on my modified, I am impressed with how it stops the car under racing conditons, A few times if not for having this product on my modified it may have went home on trailer instead of finishing a feature. As far as the performance advantage, The brake Guard enables you to drive further into corners without upseating the car under braking, When brakes are applied the car seems to seattle evenly instead of pulling to the left or right. This makes entering corners smoother which makes car faster. (As long as car is handling properly). Just my opionion "but it works".

UMP 36
posted March 03, 2000 08:12 AM
I guess the term performance difference largely depends on what you consider performance. To me finishing is important to winning.
We run good equipment so we didn't think we had much jerk problem. When the track is real smooth, we didn't notice much difference, except when we had to stop immediately (ie someone was spinning in front of us).
Where we noticed what I would call a performance advantage was when the track was real choppy, I could never predict which way the car was going to jump when I tried to shut it down hard. With Brake-Guard we knew we were not going to jump either way. In fact, I have always ran 3 wheel brakes so I didn't get jerk out of the RF. Now I run all 4 and still do not have to worry about it.
All in all, I finished 5 or 6 features last year that I should have crashed out of. That helped me in points, but it also helped my bill fold a bunch.
Thanks Brake-Guard. Now get them on all the guys (beginners and guys running junk equipment) who set sideways everytime they hit their brakes and we will all be able to go race, drive on the trailer, and go race again.

Very Satisfied

Mike Stout
posted March 10, 2000 09:57 AM
Guys, thanks for the reviews.

I have talked to drivers recently who said they had tried a Brake-Guard system a few years ago and didn't notice much difference.

This post is to point out that no one had tried the Pro-Model until mid last year.

Brake-Guard still manufactures the very effective standard model for heavier vehicles.

The Pro-Model was developed in Spring of 99 specifically for the very light weight dirt cars. It appears that the lighter the vehicle, the harder and narrower the tires, and the rougher the track, the more the Pro-Model helps.


Mike Stout

660 277 3132

Mike Stout
posted April 11, 2000 12:17 PM
If you are getting any jerk at all from your brakes, this can cause an inconsistant loose problem going in.

You might consider the Brake-Guard system to cushion your brakes and reduce the jerk and grab.

You can get info at

Good Luck,

Mike Stout

Mike Stout
posted May 17, 2000 09:09 AM
Due to the cost, many drivers have continued to express interest in trying the Brake-Guard System before they buy. This is very understandable. If the part really saves even a few crashes during the year, $495 is cheap. If it did nothing, it would be a high priced gadget.
Brake-Guard will have sample sets available to try at Mizzou Speedway this weekend. If you will be wanting to try them, please email to reserve a sample set as test units arein limited number.

Saturday 7/1 - Mizzou Speedway - Moberly Missouri - $1,000 to win
Sunday 7/2 - Memphis Speedway - Memphis Missouri - $1,000 to win
American Racers
8' spoiler max
Brake-Guard recommended
Bert & Brinn ok

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Mike Stout
posted June 14, 2000 01:28 AM
I am looking for recent pics of the following cars for a web site I am
putting together.

Dripps, Noble, Jones, Shryock, VanDenberg, Donlinger, Johnny Allen, Darrin Walker, Kevin Peters, Chad Lyle, and Mike Sorenson
or Delbert Smith in their modifieds. If you have an action shot showing the Brake-Guard decal, that would be even better.

I am also putting together a modified scrapbook on the net so any other drivers and info you want to submit will be used for that project later.

Also I would like photos of Ferris Collier or Larry Phillips from any era.

email to


Mike Stout

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