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Author Topic:   Top-end: Intakes & Heads
posted February 18, 2000 07:38 AM
I'm looking for personal opinions, true data, facts and supporting arguments in the fields of intakes and heads for modifieds.
#1. Aluminum Intakes: Victor Jr., Team G, etc., 2" raised plenium or regular with phenolic spacer)
#2. Heads: Double Humps vs. Iron Eagles vs. Sportsmans vs. Vortec vs. ???, when does flow rates vs. price become a personal stoping point AND can you over cc the intake runners on a 355 running on a 1/4 mile dirt track.)
I've never claimed to be smart, but always looking to get better! Thank You for your time!!!

posted February 18, 2000 02:06 PM           
We run a 355 with uncut bowtie heads and intake, seems to work well. 510hp, with a huge torque and power band

posted February 18, 2000 07:33 PM
To "hooked" and "Scott5g", Thank You! As you both well know, engine building is about as controversial as what brand motor oil to run in a street car. I appreciate your input!!! Another question.......If given the choice, would you choose, say, double humps over eagles if the price difference was $400. Will you be sacrificing, if any horsepower gains, choosing the double humps if they were the cheaper set? Honestly, I'm not trying to argue your opinion.......just trying to learn/understand.

posted February 19, 2000 01:29 AM
I would have to go with the Iron Eagles, in the last 30 years since the camel humps have been made (time flys doesn't it) flow technology has been improved immensly. Another reason is the improved structural design,it is thicker where it needs to be so it will take heat much better before cracking and has more deck surface thickness for milling if needed.

dirt mod 70
posted February 19, 2000 05:46 PM
go with the iron eagles
ive seen the flow numbers and its a huge difference in favor of the eagles.i had a set of heavily worked (60 hours+) dart sportsman heads and the eagles flowed alot better straight out of the box!!!!!!! it always costs more to go faster but this is cheap in my opinion

posted February 19, 2000 06:24 PM           
iVE seen flow tests in hotrod mags showing the vortecs being better than dart sports mans do you think that since they are only 400 bucks they can run with iron eagles?I've
got a set of ancient 292 angle plug heads done by RHS in the late 70's they still seem to work but are getting old and will be retired soon need to pick their replacement.
thanks.Or would it be worth guides and seats again?

posted February 19, 2000 07:34 PM
Go with the vortec,they make more power out of the box then either set of your other choices and are a lot cheaper

posted February 20, 2000 08:05 PM           
thanks for the info,would I be better off with flatops and angle mill for compression
or try to find popups engine is a 406 currently with 12to 1 compression

posted February 20, 2000 09:19 PM
I have heard that you can get about 330 out of the Iron Eagles, more material to take out.

posted February 22, 2000 08:12 PM
I would use flat tops and angle mill the heads.You get a more complete burn in the combustion chamber with flat tops,less chance of hot spots on piston dome leading to pre-ignition,and I have been told the vortec head doesn't like domes.You can also deck the block to zero deck height.I had one engine that the pistons ran .005 above deck.

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