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Author Topic:   Best Rear Suspension in a Modified?????
posted February 09, 2000 02:51 PM           
On an mod, IMCA, Wissota, or UMP, what is the best rear suspension around? Relability, consistancy, ease of tuning?

From personal experience (with Hoosier tires) the torque arm suspension is fairly consistent and hooks up on pretty much any surface.

What are your thoughts?

posted February 10, 2000 05:34 AM
I am a 3-Link Fan Scott, There are some things that you can do with a three link that you cant do with a 4 and even a Z-Link.

posted February 10, 2000 05:38 PM
I agree on the three link, it seems to be easily adjustible. With the leaf springs you
are pretty limited to what you can adjust at the track.I tryed a leaf mod and a three link
car. I like the three link better.
Just my opinion.

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