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Author Topic:   Saving Money For Mods suggestion
posted February 08, 2000 01:08 PM           

Everyone with a modified knows the cost of rear end and gearsets. Would it not be more cost effective if we were allowed to run Quick Changes? We spend $1200-2000 on gear sets vs. $50-75 for a QC set. So the initial cost is a few hundred more, the end result is less. The QC is more reliable and overall cheaper. We are already running birdcages and other accessories so why not right. With the many different selections of gears for the QC we wouldn't have to over/under rev the engines. Let's save some cash.

If you agree with this lets inform IMCA, Wissota, and whoever else there is that, this could be cheaper.


posted February 09, 2000 03:57 AM
I agree totally, but the problem with that is the people that are sponsoring IMCA..Some of these guys do the gears for them, some of the other ones build the actual rearends, so do you honestly think IMCA would cut its own throat and let us run them? Nope. I am not aware of anyone that is throwing money at IMCA for quick change you? So basically, the racer loses again....if you want to be affiliated with them, you have to run by their rules....its basically your choice, do you want to spend that money?

Just a thought.

posted February 09, 2000 07:56 PM
Yes, your probably right in that area, but for new people coming in, it would definitely be a plus.

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