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Author Topic:   Is more Better???
Dirt Man
posted January 31, 2000 06:52 PM           
All things being equal do you think more left side percentage (56% for example) will let a car turn better than a car with less (52% for example)???? Your thoughts Please!!

posted February 04, 2000 10:56 AM
More left side weight means that the car will basically push you more with the left side. It will generally tighten you up off the turns, but on entry, may be a little loose. Your not setting the RR tire as hard with more left side. So if you like a car loose in and tight out, its the way to go. There are other things you can do to counter the set also.

posted February 04, 2000 12:11 PM
agree with jammin, too much left is very bad. We had a severely offset mod a couple years back and on a tacky track it pushed and was loose and just really irratic.

Managed to win a feature or two with it, but that was on wet tracks where setup is not quite as critical.

On the scales the best we could do was get it down to 160 pounds of left front. We finally moved the engine back to the right 5/8 inch and the car would go to under 20 on the left front.

The amount of bank on the tracks you run will aggravate this too, as a heavy banked track will put left side weight in the car for you.

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