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Author Topic:   4bar on left with swingarm on right rear
posted January 26, 2000 07:00 PM           
does anyone know how to set up a late model
with a suspension like bob pierces. with
a four bar suspension on the left rear and
a swingarm on the right rear

posted January 28, 2000 05:27 AM
Its basically like all suspensions, its all in the geometry of the links.

posted January 29, 2000 05:26 AM
it is not just that simple there are a few variable's like what kind of car you have,what year of car,if it is a rayburn, do you have the proper mounts on the left side of the car,do you have the correct bird-cages and clamp brackets,what is your trailing arm length.if what i have been told is correct bob pierce cut the rear frame rails on his rayburn car to get what he wanted 4-bar-z-link-4-bar-swing-arm.i do know this doesn't have to be done if you have the correct mounts for the left side,i'm sure they can be purchased from larry shaw race need to elaborate a little more on what kind of car you have.let us know. 95FAST

posted January 29, 2000 06:52 AM           
my car is an original harris 4bar chassis. Which was converted into a swingarm. So all mounting brackets are there for a 4bar/swingarm setup. I run 4bar now, but wonder if putting the swingarm on the right will make it less eratic. Do you index the birdcages the same? Run a lighter spring on the swingarm? Still run 300 pounds of left rear weight? Run the spring to the back side of the floater on the left? Will the car make it around a small 3/8 mile track?

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