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Author Topic:   Block Clearance
posted January 25, 2000 11:47 PM           
Looking to Build a stroked 400.
When building a 417 of 21 combination can a stock block be used and does it have to be clearanced for the increased stroke.


posted January 26, 2000 07:47 AM
It will have to be clearanced, but how much will determine what kind of rods you have. H-Beam rods are a little more bulky and will require more work, while I-Beams are not quite as thick and lighter. There are some really good I-Beams on the market now.

Tony C
posted February 04, 2000 10:56 AM           
You will have the most problems with cam/rod clearance. You can either remove material from the top of the rod/rod bolt on the cam side or you can buy a small base circle cam (or buy an expensive rod for a stroker application). You may have to remove a small amount of material from the pan rail area for the rod nuts to clear. Just take a little more from the notches already there - don't get carried away - you may strike water!! Good luck!

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