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Author Topic:   Timing for Methanol?
posted January 23, 2000 06:18 AM
Can anyone tell me the neighborhood to begin in so I don't blow this motor up?

posted January 25, 2000 09:23 AM           
What kind of motor? In sbc's , 36-38 degress seems to make the most power.

posted January 29, 2000 05:56 AM
a lot of i depends what ignition you have how big the motor is, carb,plug gap,i found out last year on the dyno,that the timing settings that the engine builder recommended was about 6 degrees too high on our 434 we found that the motor made it's best power at 27degrees in fact there was quite a bit of difference 15hp.I would think that a smaller motor might need a little more,but not much to stay on the safe side. when you are running alky it is easy enough to burn pistons,remember if you are going to run a lot of timing make sure you have the fuel to supply it. 95FAST

posted January 29, 2000 08:25 AM           
proper timing on a sb chevy is influenced by several factors. combustion chamber shape, cam profile, fuel, piston shape, are among a few. often overlooked is cylinder pressure. this is not compression ratio either. different cam profiles influence how much air/fuel mix actually enters the combustion chamber. the best way t odetermine your proper timing is on a dyno and a detonation sensor hooked up also. as stated before, sometimes LESS timing makes more power. give your particular motor what it wants, not what you think it needs.

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