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Author Topic:   stock car gears
posted January 03, 2000 09:51 PM
this is my first year in imca stock cars raced wissota streets for 5 years is there a rule of thumb for what gears to run compared to mods if not what would u run on a 3/8 mile high banked track mods run 5.14,5.29 depending on track. i ran 6.00 in streets

posted January 04, 2000 03:02 PM
wissota there is a 3200# wieght rule. flat top 350 max bore 40 over hyd cam gut any thing you want high rear wieght % torque con verter no humps or vortects better tire. I race minot, rugby,underwood. i was thinking 5.83

posted January 04, 2000 07:35 PM
we ran 6:20's in dads car all over,I ran 6:00 at minot, and 6:50's at underwood and rugby, but dad's monte was some heavier than my nova

posted January 18, 2000 07:38 AM
I run a lot lower gears than most of you I run a 656 on3/8 and a688 on a 1/4 I turn my motors pretty hard but always have good luck with themand these gears are at tracks where you stay on it there not dragstrips and parking in the corners

Tony C
posted February 04, 2000 01:07 PM           
We run a 620 gear almost every night on our 3/8 mile high banked track in an IMCA SC - 2900 lbs. I think that this will get you very close. Good luck!

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