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Author Topic:   brakes
posted January 10, 2000 08:24 PM           
i wondering when plummbing in brake lines on a stock car if is better to go through the fire wall first and then tee of or tee off inside the fire wall and run to each side and any tips on how to do it would help i have floor mount pedals. do they make a floor mount bump start pedel?

posted January 13, 2000 08:20 AM
Personally, I like the brake line to be split closer to the left front rotor, and then run on the crossmember over to the right. A little more braking pressure on LF that way, easier to turn. On the rear, I go to the LR, and then split, run over chassis to RR. This will give you a little more braking on the LR than the right (more weight there). We never have a problem with stopping, or turning the car. I believe using good brake fluid and splitting them this way helps.

The bump start pedal depends solely on the tranny you are using. I believe they do make a pedal for that, or you can use an actual clutch/slave setup on it if need be.

Hope this helps.

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