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Author Topic:   carb,cam
posted January 10, 2000 03:29 PM           
what carb,cam is the best to use in a in a imca stock car. part numbers please.

posted January 10, 2000 05:10 PM
Dave, I think your the best person to answer this one.

posted January 10, 2000 10:39 PM

For Carbs and camshafts I don't believe there is an easy answer on this. Carbs, cams and heads take that magic or special touch.

Plus it depends on what motor you are running. What heads, what rpm, size of track, and so on. In 8 years of IMCA stock car racing I think I have tried every small block chevy combo there is. There is so many different camshaft brands and #'s out there. There is tons of camshaft combos you could try. I think for the guy starting out that a Midwest Motorsports #3 or #8 is a good all around camshaft at an inexpensive price.

As far as engine combo's. I beleive the 355's are a thing of the past in IMCA stock cars. At least were I'm from. I like the 377's and 400's. That is normally what I run. But I'm hearing that alot of imca stock car racers are having success with 383's.

Carbs are about the same. In IMCA stock cars we have to run "stock" carbs. Either a rochester 2bbl or a motorcraft 2bbl. I think you'll find out its about 50/50 on this ford vs. rochester issue. Some guys build there own but it is not easy building you own, you really have to know what your doing. There is a few guys out there that are building for others you just have to ask around. I currently run a ford carb and have had great luck with it.

I suggest you find an engine builder that is willing to help you in these 2 catagories. when looking for an engine builder I suggest you choose a small shop over a big shop. The reason being is I feel you get better service and quality plus it is more personable at a smaller engine builders shop.

I'm sorry but there is no exact answers on these issues. Ain't racing fun!

Dave Miller
Miller Motorsports

posted January 11, 2000 03:02 PM           
thanks i currently have a 383 and 355 5.7 rods,camel backs in both of them. the 383 has crower 00351 cam in it right now. dont know whats in the 355. are the camshafts way different for a mod than a stockcar. have you ever tried the crower cam if so any luck or was it pile

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