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Author Topic:   Sidebite
posted January 03, 2000 03:05 PM           
I run a dirtworks dw7 mod and was thinking of raising the fuelcell to get the car to roll to the right to get more sidebite will this work and what will it do to the car on the track.

posted January 03, 2000 03:28 PM
It will help, when you do this, you can add wedge into the car to make it come off harder also. When the car rolls, it will release the left rear. As a race goes on, as fuel burns off, it will roll less and less, causing the car to get tighter, which will counter the effects of lost rear percentage per fuel burnoff, will work great.
It will also set the RR tire harder, which will let you enter the turns a little harder than normal. All in all,it can't do anything but help you.

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