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Author Topic:   synchronizing the Rules from track to track.
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posted November 04, 2004 08:47 PM  
This cannot be a NEW subject!
Somebody else must have tried to make all the classes the same at all the tracks.
The Owners probably dont like turning racers away , and a Racer might get turned away for a rule difference, because the rules are different at differnt tracks.
Hasn't somebody tried to get all the Racers and track owners together with a set of rules that wiil be constant througout Dirtdom?
Who's done that? Let's get him online again and see if we cant get it done?

Mention this question to all the "Senior Citizens" of dirtdom. See what answers you get that will help us out now.

This might take years to implement. But I think it will enhance the sport in the future.
It might have the effect of making the individuals 'car's' a little more valuable since they would conform rigidly to a piticular class.

Bring on the Death Penalty for tool thieves!

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posted November 05, 2004 09:24 AM  
You would think it is a simple solution.
Last year our local track which was forced to close at mid season in 2003 took the rule book from another local track and rubber stamped them as our rules.
There were 17 cars in the pits the night they closed in 2003. 17 cars in 4 classes. IMCA mods couldn't have any issues, the rules were already identical. In 2004, it was pretty much the same, a few more cars, but they still were forced to lock the gate at mid season. I must have heard 20 people tell me that they couldn't race their car under those rules. Funny, they weren't racing under the old rules either.
We have had street stocks in this country since right after WWII, you would think by now a standard set of rules could be written - and enforced.
Why worry about rules anyway, 99% of tracks i go to, if it fits between the gate posts coming in the pits - you're legal- until someone puts up money to protest.
They write the rules, charge ya to register the car, take your money at the pit gate, then want ya to put up money for them to tech a car.

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posted July 11, 2005 07:10 AM  
I wish they would get one set of rules nationwide, but I guess that will never happen...........

I guess til then, run with what you have until you start winning every feature and someone puts out the cash to protest you.

If you can't work em in close & git em in your face with their orange landing gear down, don't bother taking the safety off......

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posted July 11, 2005 09:27 AM  
I'm sad to say that my life has changed radically since I wrote that Blurb about the standardizing of the rules.
I had called a large number of track owners about standard rules.
Too many of the Owners blamed the Drivers for the diversity.
Several owners who've close thier tracks blame the Drivers *****ing and bellyaching, accompanied with every decreasing revenues for the closings.
I was going to volunteer a year of my time, running around from track to track, trying to standardize rules for three classes.

It's a very difficult task. Nobody will move toward these rules unless somebody else is doing it first, and almost all the track owners thought I should use the Rules they had in place.(do you know how much reading that would take?)

I empithize with all of the owners.
All Drivers must all honor the owners attitudes.
The Owners went out to get equipment, land, insurance and backers, and put out a whole lot of work, and put up with so much whining, and bad checks, so the whole crowd could enjoy these races.

I wanted to get a set of rules for Pure Stock, Street Stock and the Four Bangers.
The Open Wheel's are pretty well documented, as well as the larger (Big Money) car rules.

My reason for this was to bring in more Racers to the entry levels.
I believed if we get our acts together, we may get some NASCAR Money later on.
I still think this MUST be done soon or we are going to lose almost all of our local tracks.
That means too much long distance hauling and travel expenses for Racers that just cant afford the time and money for that.

SOMEBODY get this started right NOW!
Maybe I can help a little, not much, but I'll do what I can.

Cullman AL.


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